Adapt for the Future with Digital Event Solutions

Embrace the new digital age… 

Digital Solutions offer seamless interactive webinar/virtual event services, which include a custom online event & learning management platform that provides registration, live and pre-recorded sessions, online exams, certificates of completion, and video-on-demand capabilities. Digital capabilities expand the possibilities and reach of your events and provide solutions to transform your face-to-face meetings for the future. Digital solutions offer multiple platforms and technologies to best fit your needs with a design and build stylized in your brand with an in-person conference look and feel. Understand, design, and deliver, from kickoff and goal setting to project implementation and virtual live delivery to closure and measurement. 

Now, with the world slowly coming back to the in-person space, hybrid events have also taken center stage, offering attendees an option for in-person and virtual, tailoring options unique to our attendee’s preferences and comfort levels.  

Digital helps YOU keep the show running! 

Don’t just cancel or postpone and lose valuable audiences and revenue for the year. Not only will digital solutions maximize your attendee possibilities but adapt this new strategy to expand your connection with your members, sponsors, and other partners.  

Digital solutions help shape your tomorrow, taking your event business model to reinvent and redesign it. Digital engagement strategies help retain your audience’s attention and stimulate interactions beyond what you’ve experienced before, expanding your message for a longer period, capturing your audience for the long haul. By focusing on the design of your unique platform, we ensure your event is engaging for all audiences and learner types, creating an educational, memorable, and immersive digital event experience. We take everything you love and gain from an in-person event and transform it into a new medium, energizing and harnessing the power of digital engagement. 

Beginning in 2020, with COVID-19 making headlines, events across the world began to feel the effects, but MCI provided expert industry advice and an alternative to the difficult decision to cancel or postpone—through digital solutions. 

For companies and associations looking to expand their offerings in a post-pandemic world, digital solutions have you covered, whether you’re looking for a fully virtual or hybrid model. 

Invent and expand through the advantages of digital solutions. 

The main benefit of virtual and hybrid digital solutions is audience expansion, now anyone, no matter their circumstances can attend your event, gaining valuable networking and education from anywhere in the world. 

Digital solutions provide value and help you save. Shifting to a virtual or hybrid model allows you to protect revenues and maintain sponsorship income by not losing out on the constraints of an in-person event today. 

Who benefits? 

Not only do associations and organizations get the opportunity to keep the show running, but in-person attendees get access to the face-to-face connection they have been missing while virtual attendees are allowed a means to directly support the organization and stay connected safely and at a distance. 

Let’s get started… digital solutions await. 

The world has changed, and so has its outlook on events—it’s time to use face-to-face, hybrid and digital experiences, all as one. The show must go on. Interested in taking your event to the next level with MCI Events’ Digital Solutions? Contact us now. 

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Do’s and Don’ts of Virtual Sponsorship

While face-to-face events are on hold, sponsor relationships are not; they still need to be maintained, and can actually thrive in a virtual event space. It takes intentionality and a refined approach from your team; here are some do’s and don’ts to follow as you continue to provide value to your sponsors and partners.