The Importance of a One-Stop-Shop for All Registration Needs

A Unified Platform – For Attendees, Exhibitors, and More! 

For organizations and associations wanting to streamline the registration process for all their registration types, a unified process is the first step in the process. Registration Services offer individuals a one-stop shop where they can register, book hotels, and modify records directly on the organization’s custom website. This process is customized to the rules of the event and provides automated confirmation at the completion of their booking or modification. Bulk registrations can also be completed by a single user within a group registration process. The group registration is also customized to the event and business rules. User experience can vary from a “round robin, single pay” style experience to a single flow where multiple names and registrations can be purchased at once. Registrations can be created and imported via an API connected to other systems. The process for group registration includes an Exhibitor Management Console (EMC) designed for exhibitors or specialty group registrations that are managed by one contact and offer custom details specific to groups and exhibitor needs. The Registration Services system would connect to the remote system through API using MCI’s DataHub, a centralized integration engine. Customization is everything to the registration services offered to clients, and the entire process, from pre-production to post, should be tailored to the organization’s specific needs and wants. 

The Details Should Matter. An all-encompassing registration application should adapt to the organization’s most complicated business rules. It should program and adjust itsfully mobile responsiveregistration flow to the event’s specific needs for all registration types. Experience-driven features include eligible discounts able to be added, sharing data with third-party systems, almost unlimited registration types/session types/categories/promo codes/pricing tiers/sessions/ merchandise/etc., virtual badges, and survey questions. Registration services should and will offer clients a registration websitethat ismobileresponsive, carrythe look and feel of their branded home or eventwebsite , and links seamlessly toother websites of ASCO’s choice.With registration services, immediate email confirmations are generated upon payment confirmation, andattendees can self-manage modifications and cancelations. 

The Importance of a Dedicated Registration Service 

From the perspective of an event attendee, registration can be difficult. There are many factors in securing one’s place at a conference, and user experience is everything to your potential attendees and exhibitors. Customer service not only affects the onsite experience but translates to every aspect of pre-conference as well.  Having a dedicated registration service provider can eliminate a lot of the nuances consumers face when registering or attending an event.

Advantages that Span from Pre to Post-Production 

A top advantage of a streamlined process for registration many organizations depend on is the ability to take advantage of the custom unified platform that can be fully integrated with the Housing Service web application and a robust reporting platform. This allows attendees to solidify their entire stay at a conference in one check-out process!  

Another major advantage of Registration Services is the approach using custom implementations, thus allowing registration to build exactly what is required for an event. This focused approach reduces limitations and user frustrations. Whether it is upselling, specialized business rules, or a unified housing and registration experience, registration services can do it!A registration service’s strength lies in its partnerships with other well-known platforms like Cvent as well as an in-house platform allowing the process and registration services platforms to offer organizations a wide variety of system capabilities. 

Organizations also benefit from customer service teams available for any and all questions and support through an in-house call center with custom phone lines, email, fax, and chat capabilities. 

Health and safety solutions are also an added advantage for a very different type of registration process should the need to pivot to hybrid or virtual arise and registration services can accommodate this by offering multiple top-performing and vetted digital platforms. 

Onsite support includes anything from badge printing and scanning, training and coordinating temporary staff, and a dedicated team to serve at an onsite registration desk to assist the entire onsite process and needs. 

Benefits Both Organizations and Attendees 

For organizations and associations seeking a streamlined, unified, and custom, full-serviced registration platform to service their attendees and exhibitors, Registration Services are the answer. Attendees, exhibitors, and other registration types also benefit from the user-friendly platform and customer support from start to finish. Streamline your registration process today. MCI offers Registration Services including all the above and more. Contact us today to get started working with a valued partner. 

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