Encouraging Attendees & Exhibitors to Book Within the Block with Housing Services

Housing Services Maximize In-Person Engagement and add Revenue to your Event 

Need a specialized team of housing professionals that are here to manage your housing process, every step of the way? Housing Services pairs you with strategic leaders in site selection and contract negotiations to collaborate with your team to understand your audience, meeting budget, primary goals and preferred destinations. Leveraging our buying power and industry partnerships on your behalf, housing services will help your organization find the best assortment of hotels for your event needs at the best possible rates. Housing professionals will analyze past conference pick-up patterns and recent trends across your events year to year or from comparable clients to assist in securing the correct number of room nights, per night in each event city. As part of the services, housing will arrange for these room blocks to be located within proximity to the convention center or meeting venue. 


Housing Services Encourage Attendees to Book with your Organization 

When it comes to encouraging attendees to book within the block, the first step taken is ensuring your housing platform is capable of unifying with registration for a seamless one-stop-shop process. On top of that, it should have a dynamic and user-friendly experience while also carrying the look and feel of your unique branded association or event website and is designed to link seamlessly from this official site. Nowadays, most of us browse the web and make purchases from our pocket devices. Housing services platforms should be fully mobile responsive, making it efficient for your attendees and exhibitors to book their rooms, in real-time, while on the go. Not only is the platform user-friendly, but it allows the ability to search availability and book multiple rooms in one booking session, offers automatically generated email confirmations upon purchase, and allows attendees to cancel or modify reservations. The website will also list official hotels and rates, hotel descriptions, high-resolution hotel photos, star ratings, and a full amenity list broken down by property. All this in addition to real-time reporting! Reports can be configured in innumerable formats to adapt to users’ needs and scheduled for distribution to appropriate team members at the necessary frequency. You can track every aspect of your show’s housing and registration data in real-time and post-event. 

The Housing Services database will have a consolidated list of registrants, housed attendees, and those that have registered but not yet booked housing. Housing services will work with the client to create campaigns that motivate the audience to always book within the block. An internal marketing team that specializes in maximizing housing block pickup can create a custom marketing plan to reach out to your exhibitors and attendees while accommodating your specific needs and goals as well as remaining consistent with your messaging and overall branding. This plan may include a calendar of dates for email campaigns, social media posts, and any other outreach. Segmented data is used to convert your registrants that typically book around the block into your room block. 

The Advantages of a Client-focused Service Plan 

Nothing is more imperative to the success of event production than customer service. A housing partnership with a client-focused organization is an extension of your team, offering full support along the way, from simple day-to-day to accomplishing major milestones for your team. It is imperative that housing professionals stay up to date on emerging trends in the technology and service offerings provided to clients, never out of date, and always innovative and thinking forward to anticipate the client’s needs and the needs of the market. Beginning the process of housing services, a detailed plan and course of action will be taken with your team, as well as an initial Discovery Meeting to outline the expectations of a successful housing partnership and the needs of your organization to help achieve a truly exemplary housing service experience for you and your attendees and exhibitors. An in-house Call Center provides a personalized experience by referencing the name of your meeting when answering your dedicated customer service phone numbers and responding to communications received through your dedicated email address. Onsite, the support from a housing service team never stops, with a full team sent to accompany you.  

Who benefits? 

We believe it is essential to encourage attendees and exhibitors to book within the block, not just for your organization, but for them to make the most out of an onsite event. Doing so not only places them in the center of the action at the headquarter or the official hotel of your event, but by staying amongst their peers, they will gain access to valuable networking and connections, even outside the convention center. Staying within the block offers attendees and exhibitors, and even your association staff, the lowest rates available with added amenities included. 

Let’s get started. MCI offers you all the above and more! Your goals are our goals – and together we can achieve something truly great. Contact us. 

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