The Importance of a One-Stop-Shop for All Registration Needs

A Unified Platform – For Attendees, Exhibitors, and More!  For organizations and associations wanting to streamline the registration process for all their registration types, a unified process is the first step in the process. Registration Services offer individuals a one-stop shop where they can register, book hotels, and modify records directly on the organization’s custom website. This process is customized to the rules of the event [...]

Encouraging Attendees & Exhibitors to Book Within the Block with Housing Services

Housing Services Maximize In-Person Engagement and add Revenue to your Event  Need a specialized team of housing professionals that are here to manage your housing process, every step of the way? Housing Services pairs you with strategic leaders in site selection and contract negotiations to collaborate with your team to understand your audience, meeting budget, primary goals and preferred destinations. Leveraging our buying power and industry [...]

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