What are Corporate Meetings & Events?

A corporate meeting or event will be sponsored by a company that focuses on its employees or clients. Our Corporate Meetings and Events team collaborates with companies that need fulfillment in executing a show strategically and in a timely manner.  

Our team handles housing, logistics, production, and communication services for a variety of associations and corporations. Additionally, we offer event registration and marketing for your production at MCI USA to keep you current every step of the way. Our many services ranging from financial management to successful meeting management.  

We assist with conferences, trade shows, award galas, and much more behind the scenes. Our portfolio includes pre-event planning, personalized event experience, event production, event attendee registration, and management, as well as marketing. 


By providing a multitude of services, you will unleash the maximum potential of your team’s power. Allowing you to have more time to focus on your everyday tasks. Each corporate entity hosts a variety of meetings or corporate events throughout the year. That said, corporate meetings and events differ from client to client; therefore, we collaborate with each client differently to meet their specific needs.  


Corporate events and meetings are hosted for various reasons that are beneficial across the board. They incentivize employees, strengthen company culture, and foster a sense of belonging. These events or meetings will also promote your brand externally and create a strong brand affinity in your industry market.  

We benefit our clients by solving their challenges so they can prepare for tomorrow. To achieve this, we provide an assortment of services applied with strategic solutions. MCI USA motivates employees, strengthens employee engagement, and builds brand loyalty. We assist personnel with the day-to-day details, allowing them to operate at maximum capacity. By working with our vendors closely, we work cohesively to receive the best pricing and service to execute your show.  

This practice helps us utilize the relationships that we have from the event and meeting world to develop your concept into a reality.  

Examples of events would be conferences, sales, retreats, sales incentive trips, thought leadership events/special events, conferences, product launches, presidents’ club trips, reward trips, board meetings, training seminars, training events, brand activations, multi-city events, virtual and hybrid experiences, and corporate meetings just to name of few. 


Corporations or businesses big or small that host corporate meetings, events, or brand activations (national or regional) may receive our services. We work with clients that may have titles such as ‘Meetings Director,’ ‘VP of Marketing,’ etc.  

Our clients derive from an assortment of industries such as automotive business, professional services, direct sales, energy, entertainment, finance and banking, food and beverage, healthcare information, communication and technology, retail, science and engineering, and sports.  


MCI USA is dedicated to handling your vision with quality. When you partner with MCI USA, you partner with an unforgettable, positive experience! Contact our Corporate Meetings and Events team to learn how you can begin planning today.

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How the pandemic has changed corporate meetings

Part of delivering the right solutions for our clients is curating expertise across a variety of professions, functions, and specialties. MCI USA took the same approach with a panel discussion we recently hosted to discuss “How the Pandemic Has Changed the Corporate Meetings Landscape.”

Moderated by Agnès Canonica, CMP, CMM, vice president of corporate meetings and events for MCI USA, the panel featured expert speakers from across hospitality and events: Meghan Braswell, national account sales manager for MUY; Jason Cohen, director of global accounts for Accor; Hans Kung, manager of pharma for MCI Canada; and Jason Miller, managing partner of Tallen Technology Rentals.

The wide-ranging conversation — the latest in MCI USA’s ongoing series of programs addressing how COVID is continuing to alter live meetings and events — covered everything from increasingly stringent health and safety protocols, digital and virtual options, and broader planning windows, to limits on international attendees, serving as a trusted resource for clients, and being forced to adapt, improvise, and innovate.

The entire session is worth a watch, but here are four key takeaways for meeting and event professionals working with third parties:

  1. Be upfront:“Let us know what your expectations are,” Braswell said, “so we can let you know if we’re a good fit and help you come up with a solution.”
  2. Be patient:“ You’re not going to get an answer within 24 hours sometimes, and it’s not because people are ignoring you,it’s because we have one salesperson now where we used to have four,” Kung said. “It’s really trying to promote an understanding between all of us that we just want our clients to be able to meet in person again, and we need to work together to make that possible.”

3.Be flexible:“ Especially for 2022 and even 2023, there’s been so much shift in programs that availability in key markets or key hotels or for very large groups is going to be tough, ”Cohen said. “High seasons in most places are already full, so having that flexibility and explaining to your internal stakeholders that we can’t just work with one set of dates.”

  1. Be adaptive:“We’ve found multiple different ways to have events, and it’s really important that we continue to do that,” Miller said. “The clients we have that are doing that—that are finding ways to meet, regardlessif it’s live, hybrid, or virtual — are the ones that are accelerating through this.”