Let’s Talk Incentive Travel

Incentive travel is the opportunity to motivate, incentivize, and reward sales teams and distribution networks with a planned trip. The international team provides and shares internal resources and networks with businesses who seek customized trips anywhere in the world.   The Incentive Travel team is made up of travel professionals focused on motivating performance by creating magical experiences. It is a detail-driven business with lots of [...]

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What are Corporate Meetings & Events?

A corporate meeting or event will be sponsored by a company that focuses on its employees or clients. Our Corporate Meetings and Events team collaborates with companies that need fulfillment in executing a show strategically and in a timely manner.   Our team handles housing, logistics, production, and communication services for a variety of associations and corporations. Additionally, we offer event registration and marketing for your production [...]

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How the Growth of Influencers and Short-Form Videos Have Impacted Digital Marketing and Events

In the past few years, we have seen a shift in social media across all channels, starting as platforms promoting interpersonal connection and evolving into powerful vessels of consumerism, word of mouth, and B2C marketing. Instagram was one of the pioneers in creating a new landscape for marketing and advertising, particularly in an avenue we are starting to see grow exponentially — influencer marketing. Large accounts [...]

5 Topics Event Strategists Need to Have on Their Radar

Earlier this year, I participated in two events at the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) Convening Leaders conference in Las Vegas. The organization asked me to create a workshop on its “7 Change Actions” learning experience and to moderate the sessions that took place on the 7 Change Actions Stage. To do this, I first had to learn this innovative framework. Developed by PCMA, the 7 [...]

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4 Insights on Better Engaging Your Audience in 2022

Every association should consistently ask, “Are we staying relevant to our members?” – and especially now as we look to 2021, a new year with much uncertainty. The good news is, the process to answer that question doesn’t need to be complex; it can be found in three ingredients that, when integrated into your strategy, will keep your association the top choice for your members’ professional [...]

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