Our Talents
MCI is an independently owned company with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland and a global presence. Our dynamic 2,500+ professionals in 60 offices and 31 countries work with clients across the Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific, India, the Middle East and Africa.

Our business is founded on the human insight: When people come together magic happens. MCI was founded in 1987 by Roger Tondeur & Ursula Wigert with the vision of creating strong connections between real people, in real places, in real time.

Award-Winning Creative
Expect the unexpected. At the heart of our services is an approach that connects strategic insight with imaginative and innovative design. From production to décor, to registration to mobile app gamification.

Think Global, Deliver Local
MCI has a strong track record of designing and implementing successful strategies for client expansion into new markets around the world. Reinforced through our worldwide office footprint in established and emerging markets, we offer the best mix of industry and local market expertise. This scalability reduces client vendor complexity and risk while optimizing service, regulatory and fiscal advantages.

Strategy & Analytics
Through building close client relationships and developing a deep understanding of organizations’ culture, goals and objectives, we deploy analytical tools to measure the value of our clients’ programs, driving evidence-based decision-making. In doing so, we create not only tactical but also competitive advantage for our clients.

ROI & KPI Management
Achieve more with us. Through value creation and integrated services, we achieve a significant business impact. Our client outcome focus generates solid returns on investment.