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New Product Offering: UnifiedCart™

UnifiedCartUnifiedCart™ is a new initiative that combines the housing and registration process into one seamless user experience. With UnifiedCart™, users can register for your conference and book their housing in one simple transaction so you can capture more hotel bookings while users are in a buying mindset.

Housing and Reg Solutions

Maximize in-the-block bookings and increase event attendance. We deliver full-service convention housing, registration and lead retrieval solutions. These services include professional pre-event, on-site and post-event management and strategic guidance from our accomplished team. Our mobile-friendly housing and registration websites automatically redraw themselves to fit any device so your guests can make hotel reservations and register for your event while on the go. We empower you to grow your show through informed decisions using our reports and analytics.

  • Strategic project planning
  • In-house Call Center
  • Seasoned account team
  • Mobile-friendly housing and registration websites
  • Exhibitor and VIP outreach
  • Web services
  • Marketing support
  • Real-time analytics


Our Products


RateScan™ uses a proprietary algorithm developed by a strategic partner to carefully monitor hotel room rates posted online. By automatically monitoring these rates, we can be certain that hotels remain in compliance with the negotiated rates and "no lower rate clauses" agreed upon in their contracts.


RoomLogic™ is our mobile-friendly housing application built around increasing in-the-block bookings. RoomLogic™ offers comprehensive analytics, initiative user experience and robust web services.


Reg5™ is our mobile-friendly registration application. Reg5™ can be fully customized based on your business rules to create a seamless transition from your website to the registration website.


Metric™ is our comprehensive analytics reporting that fully visualizes housing and registration data.

RoomLogic™ is an innovative housing platform that maximizes bookings in the block and enhances the hotel reservation process. RoomLogic™ websites redraw themselves, creating a streamlined, desktop-like booking experience on mobile devices. The intuitive layout presents high definition hotel room and property photos, giving consumers a quality online shopping experience and confidence in their housing options.

  • Mobile friendly. Make a housing reservation from anywhere, anytime while on the go.
  • Intuitive user presentation. Subtle animations, logical controls an intuitive layouts eliminate wordy instructions.
  • High definition photos. Rich, visually-inviting photos give consumers a top-notch online shopping experience.
  • Real-time dashboard analytics. Capture real-time dashboard-style feedback as guests navigate through each page of your housing website.
  • Web services. Effortlessly share data with third-party membership registration or mobile app providers.

Strategic guidance and buying power from our accomplished housing team helps you:

  • Make the best buying decision
  • Maximize room blocks
  • Get the fairest contracts and rates

We leverage our long-standing hotel relationships, implement practical management solutions and engage breakthrough technology tools to a deliver successful housing program for our clients and their guests.

Housing Services:

  • Site selection
  • Contract negotiations and review
  • Committed account team
  • Multilingual, in-house Call Center
  • Customized, mobile-friendly website
  • Digital marketing
  • Room block management
  • Attrition monitoring
  • Room block audits
  • Exhibitor outreach program
  • International services
  • Real-time reporting
  • Comprehensive post-show reports
  • Post-event analysis and strategic planning

Reg5™ is our advanced mobile-friendly registration platform that builds event attendance and simplifies the registration process. Its user interface and intuitive layout make it easy for mobile-savvy registrants to navigate through the process quickly. This fully functional website redraws to fit any mobile device, so registrants have a streamlined mobile experience, allowing them to register for your event anytime, anywhere. 

  • Mobile friendly. Register from any device with any size screen and any resolution
  • Elegant user interface. Subtle inline animations, logical controls and intuitive layouts eliminate wordy instructions.
  • Instantaneous shopping cart. Register for sessions, merchandise, tickets, and monitor discounts and watch balances adjust in real time.
  • Real-time dashboard analytics. Receive real-time feedback at the same moment attendees navigate through the registration website.
  • Web Services. Easily share data with third-party membership, housing or mobile app providers.

We merge our ONEsystem+ technology with a professional team to deliver a seamless registration process—from planning, to pre-registration, to on-site, to thorough reporting.

Pre-Event Services:

  • Customized, mobile-friendly website
  • Committed account management team
  • Multilingual, in-house Call Center
  • Digital marketing
  • Housing data integration
  • Badge production and mailing
  • Session and event management
  • Seating application
  • Exhibitor management console
  • Real-time reporting


We bring a dedicated team of registration professionals who work with on-site personnel, suppliers and your delegates to ensure a successful and productive event. Our staff takes full control of setting up registration and conducting all on-site operations and activities.

  • Full registration setup and operations
  • Express badge stations
  • Self registration stations
  • Temporary staff training and management
  • Traffic flow management
  • Continuing education
  • Lead Retrieval
  • RFID
  • Mobile app
  • Interactive conference directory


  • Registration verification
  • Accounting reports
  • Comprehensive post-show reports, analysis, and strategic planning

Exhibitors come to your event to sell their products and services and establish brand awareness. We provide exceptional lead services and technologies to assist them in maximizing their tradeshow investment. We offer the most up-to-date technology and reporting so your exhibitors can easily capture and qualify leads at your event.

  • Most advanced lead retrieval devices
  • Marketing services
  • Technical support before, during and after your event
  • Real-time reporting and online access to data
  • Robust traffic reporting

UnifiedCart™ combines housing and registration into one seamless user experience. Rather than requiring that your attendees register for your conference on one website and then book their hotel room on a separate website, we have combined registration and housing so both can be completed with just one click. Not only does this create a better experience for your users, it also increases bookings within the block because you are able to capture your audience when they are still in a buying mindset.

Features of UnifiedCart™:

  • Combined confirmation.
  • Clear action steps that guide users through the registration and housing experience.
  • Flawless user experience.
  • Comprehensive analytics.
  • Mobile-friendly experience built with a cross-device strategy in mind.

Contact us today to see how UnifiedCart™ can increase bookings within your official housing block.

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Going through online booking sites and making test calls to hotels to check rates is outdated. To more effectively manage hotel rate checks, we have created RateScan™ using a proprietary algorithm developed by a strategic partner. RateScanTM allows us to carefully monitor hotel room rates posted online. These near-time reports can be configured to monitor for rates that are lower than a specific price, such as the rate agreed upon in your contract with the hotel, and immediately alert us when a lower rate is posted to any website, such as, Travelocity or another online booking tool.

Once we are alerted to a lower rate, we immediately contact the non-compliant hotel and request that the listing be removed. Even if the hotel promises to remove the listing, we continue to monitor the hotel’s online rates to be certain that the hotels are contractually compliant.

With RateScan™, we can monitor rates in your room block to be certain that the hotels are in full support of your contracted room rates and blocks. Not only does this help guarantee the best rates for your attendees, it can help increase bookings within the block.

Introducing Metric™, our enhanced reporting platform. Metric™ is a mobile-friendly reporting platform that visualizes housing and registration data, makes it interactive and best of all - lets meeting professionals configure, schedule and receive reports of their choice automatically via email.​ 

  • Capture key housing and registration metrics
  • Navigate easily through complex and important information
  • Turn graphical data into insights
  • Make information-driven decisions
  • Identify trends through year-over-year comparisons
  • Automate report delivery to key stakeholders