Growing an incentive program for a corporate client

Over the seven years that MCI USA has designed and produced incentive events for a healthcare companywe’ve partnered with the client to use the program not just to recognize and motivate employees but also to build community and collaboration. We started out creating incentive trips for individual divisions within the company, then expanded to bring multiple divisions together for a single unified experience — hosted in the United States as well as in international locations. This has helped break down institutional and operational barriersbetter assimilate employees of acquired companies, and foster a greater sense of identity and engagement among high-performing teams.


  •     Attendance ranges from 100 to 500 award-winning team achievers depending on the divisions involved.
  •     Unified program integrates the diverse needs and goals of multiple division presidents to create a cohesive experience.
  •     CEO testimonial: “Every year we think you can’t top the lastand you blow us away every year!

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