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Building a New Policy Summit

We designed a marketing plan to generate awareness among key groups of prospective attendees with targeted, sophisticated communications. Results: The summit drew more than 1,000 participants — 14% more than our client’s goal — from a variety of backgrounds, political persuasions, and industries.

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Breaking Out of the Trade-Show Model

Working with key volunteer leaders, MCI USA’s executive team reviewed possible solutions, eventually opting for the complete transformation of the event’s traditional trade-show model, the sale of the asset after the makeover helped increase market value, and the creation of a new business plan for both revenue replacement and staff and program realignment and improvement. Results: MCI USA launched a transformed event with new education, show [...]

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Blowing Out the Room Block

MCI USA helped the association reinforce the importance of booking within the room block by engaging the top 100 exhibitors immediately before and after they secured their booth space in the exhibit sales office. Housing was opened for the following year at the current show, and MCI USA was able to shut down most housing poachers. Results: The association’s room block grew from 4,600 rooms to [...]

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Tapping into Technology for Hassle-free Hotel Bookings

The Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games 2014 is the largest equestrian event in the world, taking place in Normandy, France. The quality and organisation of the accommodation is a critical success factor for all large international sporting events, and the organisers were determined to ensure that accommodation services for all accredited populations ran smoothly. Due to our global buying power and expertise in handling accommodation for large [...]

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Hosting MCI USA’s first post-COVID in-person client event​

After COVID forced the Texas Apartment Association (TAA) to cancel its 2020 annual trade show, the organization was determined to not let that happen again in 2021. MCI USA worked with TAA to create a safe and seamless in-person event — providing registration, lead retrieval, housing, and sales services. Our team required guests to fill out a liability form upon registration, enforced new cleaning protocols, and [...]

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Reimagining the NABA 2020 Convention

The National Association of Black Accountants (NABA) was three months out from the 2020 NABA National Convention & Expo in Indianapolis when COVID-19 made the in-person event impossible — and MCI USA transitioned from full-service event management partner to full-service virtual event producer. In the ensuing 90 days, we identified a virtual event platform that fit the convention’s high-energy mix of continuing professional education (CPE), networking [...]

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Incentive Trip to Key Largo

Challenge: MCI USA was tasked with creating a celebratory event for a company’s top producers and their guests — 60 people total — at the Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo, Florida.  To start, MCI USA created a website to build excitement during the qualifying period that later served as an online registration portal. When the four-day trip began, guests were greeted with a welcome tote bag filled with Florida treats [...]

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Maximizing Profit from a Virtual Event

When COVID-19 forced a large nonprofit organization to postpone its annual conference, MCI USA moved quickly to organize a new virtual event that would provide opportunities for learning, engagement, and networking. The half-day event included education sessions with expert speakers, moderated discussion group sessions, and open networking time. It was held on an interactive platform that allowed for breakout tables, group chat, private messaging, and direct interaction with speakers, moderators, and the MCI USA team. With timing designed to accommodate multiple time zones, the event was a [...]

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Growing an incentive program for a corporate client

Over the seven years that MCI USA has designed and produced incentive events for a healthcare company, we’ve partnered with the client to use the program not just to recognize and motivate employees but also to build community and collaboration. We started out creating incentive trips for individual divisions within the company, then expanded to bring multiple divisions together for a single unified experience — hosted in the United States as well as in international locations. This has helped break down institutional and operational [...]

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