Wyndham Jade Launches Its Enhanced Reporting Tool – Metric

PLANO (May 12, 2014) – Today Wyndham Jade is introducing its latest, enhanced reporting tool: MetricTM. It is now easier for meeting professionals to capture, measure, visualize and navigate key housing and registration data from their events.

Metric Advanced Reporting Tool

MetricTM is a business intelligence solution that allows users to see and understand their data so that they can gain valuable insights and make information-based decisions. Essential event metrics, such as year-over-year registration counts and total room night numbers, are available in vibrant visualizations that instantly convey trends and help manage attrition. If the user wants to drill down to find out who has made a hotel reservation or registered for his or her event, that is easy to do. Access to graphical, comparative data means meeting professionals can now respond with appropriate management solutions.

Bryan A. Scott, President of Wyndham Jade’s Convention Division explains, “MetricTM is designed to be a meeting professional’s key to easily navigating through complex and extremely important data. Wyndham Jade is a client-centric provider of solutions. We are in business to make the jobs of meeting professionals as efficient as possible.”

MetricTM simplifies the stressful jobs meeting professionals have by giving them the ability to configure, schedule and share event data with stakeholders. This can be done using MetricTM’s automated scheduler. It allows stakeholders to receive reports weekly, bi-monthly, or on whatever schedule the planner decides. From top to bottom, MetricTM enhances data reporting as simply as possible.

“MetricTM easily shows me any potential issues with sell through and sub-block performance. It’s a big time saver and allows my team to focus on other aspects of our event,” comments John Starkey, President, U.S. Poultry & Egg Association.

MetricTM will debut at ASAE’s Springtime at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC, at Wyndham Jade’s booth (#4052) on May 15 from 11 am-4 pm.


About Wyndham Jade
Wyndham Jade is an event and travel management company specializing in convention housing and registration, meeting management, incentive programs, business travel management and site selection. The company employs more than 120 professionals with annual revenues in excess of $135 million. Wyndham Jade maintains offices in Texas, Arizona, Iowa, Georgia and Chicago. Wyndham Jade’s ONEsystem+ technology delivers complete housing and registration services in one platform that combines membership databases and customer business rules. For more information, visit www.wyndhamjade.com or call 888-294-1900.

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