Interest in Incentive Programs Increases as Economy Recovers

Wyndham Jade Believes in Making Travel Memorable, Creates Incentive Trips to Bermuda and Alaska.

As the economy starts to recover, the travel industry is beginning to feel it. Wyndham Jade is no exception. Corporations are showing a renewed interest in the company’s incentive programs.

Wyndham Jade’s team of meeting planners and incentive account managers has developed the relationships and resources to help save valuable budget dollars while delivering memorable, world-class events. Innovation plays a critical role in many incentive programs these days as part of the planning process or as a key outcome.

To illustrate: The company planned and delivered incentive trips for clients in the spring that included the white-sand beaches in Bermuda, an exploratory Alaskan cruise and parasailing adventures in Aruba.

In-house experts build elite events and programs that are unforgettable. Customer incentive trips are proven to motivate staff, drive sales, raise morale and increase employee retention. The imaginative minds at Wyndham Jade and complete program management create inspirational and rich memories.

“We customize the agenda to balance the adventures to the particular destination, but also leave time for leisure activities,” commented Mark Griffin, Director of Incentives and Meetings.

Whether it’s an awards banquet for outstanding employees on the San Antonio River Walk or cruising through the Alaskan mountains for top customers, Wyndham Jade does it all.

ABOUT Wyndham Jade:
Celebrating 30 years of excellence in 2013, Wyndham Jade is an event and travel company specializing in convention housing and registration, meetings, incentives and corporate travel fulfillment. The company employs more than 120 professionals with annual revenues in excess of $135 million. Wyndham Jade maintains offices in Texas, Arizona, Iowa, Georgia and Washington, DC. Wyndham Jade’s ONEsystem+ technology delivers complete housing, registration and travel services in one platform that combines membership databases and customer business rules.

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