Wyndham Jade to Unveil New Mobile-Friendly Housing Platform

RoomLogicTM Simplifies Hotel Booking, Provides HD Photos of Rooms, Properties

Plano, Texas – During the Association Day 2013 conference and trade show, Wyndham Jade will introduce its mobile-friendly housing platform – RoomLogicTM, which helps associations maximize room blocks and enhance the hotel booking process for their customers. Hosted by Dallas Fort Worth Association Executives, Association Day will take place March 25 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Fort Worth Convention Center. Wyndham Jade will provide demonstrations of RoomLogicTM in booth #34 from 11:15 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

RoomLogicTM websites automatically redraw themselves, creating a streamlined, desktop-like hotel booking experience on mobile devices. RoomLogicTM’s intuitive user interface eliminates wordy instructions and makes it easy to select and buy choice hotel rooms on the go. Additionally, RoomLogicTM presents high definition hotel room and property photographs. As more and more consumers go online to make buying decisions, product presentation is an essential part of e-commerce. Rich, visually inviting photos help close sales. With the ability to see and experience hotel properties through high-quality photos, consumers gain confidence in their housing options.

“Providing mobile-friendly registration with high definition photos gives our clients’ event attendees the quality online shopping experience they expect,” comments Wendy Gillon, Wyndham Jade’s Vice President of Convention Operations. “Presenting HD property photos during the online hotel selection process and simplifying the user interface makes it more convenient for event attendees to book rooms from their phone, tablet or computer. This helps our clients achieve significantly higher conversion rates and maximize their room blocks.”

RoomLogic TM is powered by Wyndham Jade’s ONEsystem+, a cloud-based, enterprise-grade event platform that is wired with more than a decade of the travel industry’s most relevant business rules. ONEsystem+ delivers a seamless and dynamic registration and housing solution. It saves time and money for organizations and their guests by combining inventory management, accounting reports and analytics with a user-friendly interface.

About Wyndham Jade

Celebrating 30 years of excellence in 2013, Wyndham Jade is an event and travel company specializing in convention housing and registration, meetings, incentives and corporate travel fulfillment. The company employs more than 120 professionals and has annual revenues in excess of $125 million. Wyndham Jade maintains offices in Texas, Arizona, Iowa, Georgia and Washington, DC. Wyndham Jade’s ONEsystem+ technology delivers complete housing, registration and travel services in one platform that combines membership databases and customer business rules. For more information, visit www.wyndhamjade.com or call 888-294-1900. Connect with Wyndham Jade on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

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